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Standard Sossusvlei Scenic  (+- 2 hours 15 minutes) 

From Swakopmund Airport we fly low-level over the Kuiseb Canyon and Tsondabvlei, the only known breeding area for the Lappet Face Vulture in southern Namibia, towards the highest shifting sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei.


From there we pass over the Diamond Restricted area where you will still find three old diamond camps before we reach Conception bay. After passing colonies of Cape fur seals, we  see  shipwrecks along the coast of the Eduard Bohlen (1909) 500m from the shore and the Shawnee(1976). We pass the Long wall (Namib dunes) before reaching Sandwich Harbour, a wetland of international importance and protected by the Ramsar Convention. We pass the coastal salt mines south of Walvis Bay, attracting thousands of birds. Walvis Bay, Namibia’s major harbour town is our next destination. Midway between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, we pass the Langstrand Holiday Resort and the Dolphin Park Resort on our way back to Swakopmund.


Skeleton Coast Scenic  (1 hour 30 minutes) 


This flight takes you from Swakopmund east over the Moon Landscape, along the Swakop and Khan river. Routing southwards we pass Walvisbay airport and the Kuiseb river which is also the natural border for the dune formation. Over the shifting sand dunes, we reach the coast at Conception Bay passing Cape fur seals, the shipwrecked Eduard Bohlen (1909), 250m from the shore. Also, the shipwreck of the Shawnee (1976). We fly along the coast with the Atlantic surge on the one side and the Long Wall (Namib dunes) on the other. We reach Sandwich Harbour, a wetland of international importance and protected by the Ramsar Convention. In harmony with the surroundings, we find Namibia's salt mines south of Walvis Bay attracting thousands of birds. Walvis Bay, Namibia's major harbour town is our next destination. Between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund we pass the Langstrand Holiday Resort and Dolphin Park Resort on our way back to Swakopmund.


Cape Cross Scenic  (2 hours 15 minutes)


Departing from Swakopmund, this flight progresses up the Swakop River to an area of exceptional and ancient erosion known as the “Moon Landscape”. From this spectacular feature, we direct towards the Rossing Uranium Mine which is the largest open coast mine in the world. The flight approaches the rugged and beautiful Spitzkoppe that tower more than 700 metres from the surrounding flat desert. Flying northwards, we pass the majestically Brandberg, the highest mountain in Namibia and famous for the rock painting known as the “White Lady”. We reach the Ugab riverbed and fly among it in search of the desert elephants, ostrich, Oryx and other game up to the river mouth area and passing the stunningly exposed geology including the Ugab folds. Upon reaching the coast, we progress southwards along the Skeleton Coast. The park in the northern Namib Desert stretches from the Ugab River in the south to the Kunene River, which forms the northern border with Angola. The Skeleton Coast is littered with whalebones, shipwrecks and remains of sailors and explorers. We reach Cape Cross, the largest Cape Fur Seal colonies in Africa, home to an estimated 250 000 seals. In 1486, the Portuguese mariner Diego Cao erected a stone cross here, on his second expedition to Africa. Proceeding southwards we pass Henties Bay, a popular fishing destination and then fly over the newest wreck Zeila that grounded in 2008. We cross the settlement of Wlotzkasbaken, famous for its colonies of lichens, finally the salt works before returning to Swakopmund.


Sossusvlei Excursion  (Full Day) 


Your Sossusvlei Excursion departs Swakopmund first thing in morning. After a 1-hour flight we arrive at Sossusvlei Lodge where your vehicle will await to take you on your excursion. The drive to Sesriem Gate takes about 1 hour and a choice of breakfast in the Sand Dunes is also optional. The first stop on your Excursion will be Dune 45. Dune 45 got its name from the 45 kilometers road that connects the Sesriem Gate and Sossusvlei. Second on the itinerary is the Big Daddy Dune and also one of the highest sand dunes in the world (325 meter). The Petrified Dunes are next and got its name from a Billion-Year-old Sand Dune that solidified and formed rock formations in the Dunes. Lastly is the DeadVlei and Sossusvlei. The DeadVlei is about 2 kilometres from Sossusvlei and was once an Oasis, covered with Acacia trees that died after the Tsauchab river that supplied the trees of water has changed its course. Sossusvlei is now where the river end, although it is a dry riverbed, flooding of Sossusvlei is a very rare occasion. Arriving back at Sossusvlei Lodge, lunch will be served in the form of a buffet. After Lunch we depart Sossusvlei Airstrip for a coast wise scenic flight back to Swakopmund.




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